Volunteer Program Overview:

Hospice volunteers have been supporting Richmond residents for over 30 years in many different capacities. Many of our volunteers come to us because they have had personal experiences with their own loved one being supported by hospice volunteers and they want to give back. Others are from the health care community and have made themselves a promise during their working lives that they will do something after they retire that will enable them to spend the time they could not spare supporting the people under their care. Others are drawn to this work by the desire to be of support to people at the end of their lives.

For specially trained Hospice visiting volunteers Rotary Hospice House offers a unique opportunity to support our residents and their families at end of life. With an emphasis on active listening our volunteers validate lives, encourage memories and reflect back significant life milestones as they support the people who come here to end their journeys.

There are other opportunities to support palliative patients in the City of Richmond including in the Supportive and Palliative Care Unit in the Richmond Hospital and the opportunities to support other palliative patients in senior’s facilities around our city and also patients who are still in their homes.

We are also able to offer opportunities to do bereavement support, which is comprised of volunteering with the deceased person’s loved ones whether over the phone or helping out with our Bereavement Walking Group at Garry Point Park which runs year-round.

We also have limited volunteer positions best suited for senior students as after-hours reception relief at Rotary Hospice House. Application Hospice Volunteer Training 2024 


Hospice Volunteer Training

Held once a year the Richmond Hospice Volunteer Training is a comprehensive 30 + hour set of sessions based on the rigorous requirements of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association and adjusted to satisfy the unique City of Richmond settings. We are fortunate to have a full complement of palliative care experts as part of our Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Team and they, along with the Coordinator of Volunteers and experienced Richmond Hospice Volunteers present the training to interested individuals over the age of 19. There is a fee to take this training and a certificate is presented at the end of the training and the mandatory 4 hours of hospice volunteer mentoring experience provided after the training course has been completed.

Hospice Training 2024 background document

Other types of volunteering opportunities:

Phttps://richmondrotaryhospicesa.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/35/2023/03/Poster-for-Gardening-Volunteers-for-Rotary-Hospice-House-2023-2.pdfoster for Gardening Volunteers for Rotary Hospice House 2023 -2