About Us

Each resident has a private, fully furnished room with en-suite and an outside view. Each room opens out onto a private patio overlooking an attractive lawn and gardens, backdropped by large trees. Each room is supplied with a hospital bed, adjustable table, TV, small fridge, wardrobe, and nightstand with locking drawer for personal items. Family members are encouraged to spend time with the residents, and comfortable reclining chairs are available in each room for that purpose and may be slept on overnight.

Residents are encouraged to create a familiar feel to their room by surrounding themselves with small personal items from home such as photographs and memorabilia of special significance. The hospice also has a large lounge area, a private quiet room, and dining room that are ordinarily available to residents and their supports. Tea, coffee and other hot beverages, and toast are available, and family members can request a cooked meal with their loved ones, which we provide at a nominal cost.  The hospice provides parking for both vehicles and bicycles.